Deciding our Future: Consensus Conference on Prolapse Outcomes and Best Practices for Mesh Complications

September 23, 2019 
10:00 am - 6:00 pm

Conference Overview

This Conference will bring together thought leaders representing private and public stakeholders who are actively engaged in pelvic organ prolapse (POP) treatment. The desired outcome is identification of current needs in the area of prolapse outcome measures and determination of a standardized group of outcome measures that multiple stakeholders and societies agree to use for future research and clinical ventures.

The 2019 Conference for Prolapse Outcome Measurement will consider the following key issues:

  1. Identify and categorize existing POP outcome measures (including patient-reported, provider-reported and others) and create a summary of their strengths and limitations
  2. Determine and prioritize where the greatest gaps exist among current POP outcome measures, including need for new or revised measures.
  3. Identify a recommended, standard set of prolapse outcome measures to be used in future research studies and for use in the development of evidence-based quality measures. Among these measures, identify a minimum set that should be assessed in all POP research studies.


Advance registration is requested and is open to any AUGS or IUGA member. A $50 registration fee is being charged to cover nominal expenses associated with producing this meeting.